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Finding Work in Regional Areas

Updated: May 11, 2023

Life in regional Australia can often be safer and more relaxed than in major cities, with locals often very friendly and talkative.

Living in a regional area will give you a well-rounded Aussie experience with lots of incredible travel opportunities. With a slightly slower pace, cleaner air and a lower cost of living, regional Australia might be the place for you!

You might be concerned about employment opportunities. However, while major cities may have more jobs available, there is far less competition in regional Australia for the jobs on offer. This means you may have a better chance of securing employment when living in regional areas.

In fact, Australia is currently witnessing a job vacancies boom unique to regional areas. The job vacancy data signalled that this steady growth was not mirrored in Australia’s major cities.

The regional centres are in fact booming, and there are programs in place to encourage people to invest in these areas.

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